Friday, 7 February 2014

Max at 4 years old!

Hi All,

Its been over 3 years since I last updated on here and its definitely about time I let everyone see how well max has been doing.

Max's milestones in short are;

Max learnt to eat with a MASSIVE thanks to Dr Markus Wilken who stayed with us during the last 2 weeks of October 2011.  It was absolutely amazing to have a once 100% tube fed little boy to one that took interest in food and drink.  It felt very weird at first to not tube feed Max at all (or give him water) but with the professional support of Markus it was the turning point Max needed. The 1st food he ate was corn on the cob, then straight after that 3 pots of yoghurt! Max absolutely thrived, tasting so may different foods, drinking & also starting to talk.
Max became a big brother.  On 13th March 2012 Max's baby sister, Lily Ann Dingwall was born.
Max had his gastrostomy closed!  Max had his gastrostomy button removed when Lily was around 8 week old.  A very momentous occasion in the sense that it was the final step in his tube feeding journey but that in reality actually consisted of Mr Driver literally deflating the balloon & throwing the g-tube into the sink!  He then covered the remaining hole with a bit of cotton wool & tape - done!
Max went to America!  In August 2012 we went on a family holiday to the States for 3 weeks.  Max had an absolute ball, sightseeing aboard the open top bus in San Francisco, staying in Napa with family, enjoying the hotel & pool in Lake Tahoe & finally meeting cousin Sydney at Disneyland in Anaheim.  Despite all the sunshine he still came back as pale skinned!
Max was finally potty trained.  After a very long process of potty training Max finally used the toilet!
Max had surgery to close his gastrostomy.  Max had continued to have a 'leaky button' since his g-tube was removed so in February 2013 it was decided he need a small operation to close it.  Max was extremely brave & although needed a general anaesthetic was out the same day.
We moved house.  In April of 2013 we moved house! Max thought it was great because "there was so much more room" and that he finally got a bunk bed, he also manages to make loads more mess!
Max started pre-school.  Max started at Broomhill Primary School Nursery in August 2013.  I cant say he always wants to go in but he is certainly enjoying the routine & activities at pre-school & has made some great friends.
Max starred as a shepherd in his 1st nativity.  Max may not have sung the songs (until we walked back home to the house!) but did take part in the school nativity as a shepherd.  A very handsome shepherd I may add ;P
Max started to ski.  Max started to ski in January of this year at the dry ski slope & is doing really well.  He is now on his 4th lesson & can confidently go up the lift & down the nursery slopes on his own.

Max continues to do amazingly well given his CDH & early arrival.  He is on no medications & is now only seen by his surgeon annually. 

His is a typical 4 year old boy who pushes the boundaries (& his sister!) but is so much fun to be around.

Katie x

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